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Greetings! If you are new to Trans-Advent then it might be worth your time to start at the beginning. I have been documenting my journey into the realm of gender transition and transcendence of the binary for over a year now and have written hundreds of entries. You are certainly allowed to pick up right where I'm at now, my life is always rather interesting, but having some of the back story also might interest you, so here are a handful of posts to get you started.

It all began here, with my coming out to the world as transgender:

Here is my first picture entry after starting Estrogen:
and here is when I started living full time in my new life as Emma:

Be sure to note that there are handy links at the bottom of each story that will permit you to read the entries in order if you felt like taking the entire ride through my transition. I've also included a list of subject tags too, so if there is a particular subject you are interested in reading about, just click the tag at the bottom of the entry and it will bring you to all the entries that mention that subject.

As always, feel free to send me your thoughts and your stories in an email to (haters and transphobes need not write)


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