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So, I’ve been getting a lot of new traffic coming lately, likely from my blog being listed on T-central. For all the new readers arriving, I want to extend the same invitation to you that I have extended to my long-time readers. I do volunteer work by answering emails from people reaching out who are either feeling confused about or unsure of their gender identity, or are in search of some advice, ideas, resources, or just another person to confide in about their feelings. I really enjoy hearing from people who are like me and really love helping, encouraging, or advising transgender/gender-confused/gender-fluid/agender/bigender/non-binary/gay/lesbian/bisexual/Queer/etc. people, and am actually in a master’s program to become a therapist in order to work with my local LGBT community in Minnesota. If anyone comes across my blog and feels a desire to reach out to me about anything really (except haters, haters need not write), whether it is about gender identity, gender dysphoria/confusion, sexuality, family issues, spousal issues, depression, suicide (don’t do it!), etc. please send an email to

Just know there is never any judgment or condemnation (unless you are an axe-murderer, rapist, or something similar). Anything you send to me will be between you and I alone, so I won’t go gossiping. If I feel a desire to mention a bit of a conversation we have here on the blog because I believe it’s really relevant to others or possibly impactful, I will either do it in a way that completely protects your anonymity, or I will ask permission to mention you. I do, however, reserve the right to set boundaries on any interactions and may, upon feeling too uncomfortable or exploited, end our correspondence.

If you wish to follow me on Twitter you can find me at: @R_T_Edwins 

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