Friday, November 27, 2015

11-27-2015 Picture Entry: 40 Weeks on HRT

So, I realized that It has been entirely too long since you’ve seen me, and as today marks my 9th month on HRT (40 weeks today), I might as well post some pictures I’ve taken quite recently.

I will post a longer, more in depth HRT update entry (because there is a lot to tell, yay boobs!) but right now I’m still recovering a bit from yesterday’s events with my Ex. I’m far less angry today than I was last night, and she and I have had a brief, albeit positive, conversation, but I don’t really feel up to writing a long-winded entry just yet. Unfortunately I have to work today because the law firm I’m at is completely absurd. Like 50% of us are gone, yet the rest of us have to come in? Anyways, I won’t bore you with whining about work when you are probably looking forward (I hope) to seeing my gorgeous self! =p::

So, here they are. I’m looking good, aren’t I? ;)

I really liked this one, even if it was in the bathroom at work, lol.

This is me all gussied up for a night out at the gay bar.

And this one is of my natural hair (without makeup, tragically). Not sure if you can tell but I have it up in a pony tail because it's long enough for me to do that now. I'm really getting close to being able to retire the wig, thanks to Biotin (highly recommend it if you are trying to grow your hair out. I take two 5,000 mcg tablets a day with breakfast and I get them from Trader Joe's where they are super cheap comparatively).

Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to look for an actual HRT update entry soon.


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