Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10-13-2015 Entry: A Poem for the Chinese Food Cashier

I see your eyes,

Filled with confusion,

And surprise.


Or do I see revulsion?

They look so similar,

It’s an easy confusion.


Perhaps it’s both?

Or maybe neither.


You’d think I had orange hair.

The way you gawk and stare.


Your eyes grow so wide,

I can almost hear inside.


Is that a man?



The words are written,
All over your face.
But your rudeness here,
has no place.


I want to answer,

I want to explain,

No, I am not a man.

But still, I abstain.


The way you shrink back,

As if I’m diseased,

Shows me your lack,

Never to be pleased.


All your life,
you were told a lie.

That genders can only,

come in a bi.


It’s not the truth,

And it takes no sleuth,

To see that things,

Aren’t so black and white.


Genders are like colors,

So many and so bright,

Why should we ever,

Hide them from the light?


I take my change,

And walk away.


Hoping that you learned,

Something new today.


Black and white,

Can be just fine,

But living in color,

Doesn’t cross the line.


I’m still a person,

Filled with good,

I’m still a customer,

so treat me as you should.


Save your scowling eyes,

For thieves and flies,

I don’t deserve the stare,

Just because you,

were unaware.

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