Monday, July 13, 2015

7-13-2015 Entry: Feeling Famous

Hello my darlings! I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was rather busy, but in good ways. On Saturday I went on a shopping spree with a good friend and my wife, whereby I bought several new outfits!!! There was a new Torrid store opening at one of the local malls and they had some killer sales going on. Unfortunately I was not one of the first 50 people in the door who got a free gift card between $10-$100 (which was a big reason I went) but it all worked out anyways because I ended up getting a $50 off coupon I wouldn’t have had otherwise, so it was almost like I got a $50 gift card after all! I’m even wearing one of my new outfits today (see picture below). I know I have a kind of goofy look on my face, but I didn’t want to ask my friend to take another picture of me since we were supposed to be working and all. =p:::


On Sunday my wife and I spent most of our day doing chores, including lawn/garden work. Our garden we planted is doing really well under the capable stewardship of my beautiful wife and we will soon be able to eat some of the peas and tomatoes we have growing. I spent the afternoon fixing our damned lawn mower which I managed to get working at long last, so that was exciting. Was kind of fun to get all greasy and covered with gasoline and oil in order to get a motor to start. I felt particularly accomplished when it paid off with the mower finally functioning again.


But my weekend recap isn’t really why I’m writing today. I’m actually writing to share an email I got from one of my darling readers that made me feel extra special. I frequently wonder if my words are actually traveling all that far, so to receive this email meant a great deal to me. It made me feel like I’m not just shouting into the wind where no one can hear me, but that my efforts are progressing along nicely. I think the part that was the most exciting was just how excited Brenda was when I responded to her email. I’m not going to lie, it was almost a bit odd to be on the receiving end of what I would call fan-mail. Usually I’m the one fangirling out over someone I look up to and adore (Kate Bornstein par example), but to have another do the same for me made me feel… well famous! ;)


I share this letter because I want to illustrate just how amazing my readers are, and you all are awesome, but also to show that when you really start living your truth, unafraid of the consequences or the norms you might be breaking, good things come to you. I wrote two novels as Robert and never received anything as touching, heartfelt or inspiring than what follows. Thank you Brenda, for your words, for your time, and for being spectacularly you. There is great love for you here. <3



“Hello. My name is Brenda. I am a (born) female. I am heterosexual. I am married to a man. We have two, young, biological children. Life is mostly simple for us.


I specify my parameters in order that you understand how far reaching your words are/have become. I found your blog through a post on Facebook. A friend of a friend of a friend, liked one of your Facebook posts, and it showed up on  my news feed. In our current climate, you are not, I am sorry to say, the first trans-person I have "met" through social media (do you watch Princess Jules on YouTube?). However, I would like to share that you quickly became my favorite.


I just wanted to say something....


Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us (all populations included here). I appreciate this so much. I love to read about the successful steps you've taken to be the real you. I love your clear and concise examination of the world around you as you go through this journey.


Your message is so clear; Be you, whomever that might be.


As a parent, your daily blogs remind me to incorporate that message into the lessons I teach my kids. As a human, you remind me to be conscious of the roles I impose on those around me, and to be sensitive to the self-expression of others. I have no real way of connecting to what you're going through (see above :P ), but I am so appreciative that you share your journey with me. Thank you for letting me follow along. What a world you've shown me.


Congratulations on getting into grad school, and on all the successes you've shared with us.


I can't wait for tomorrow's post.”



That’s it for now. We start filming for the news story this Wednesday, which I’m a bundle of nerves about. I want so badly for it to go well and for it to send out my positive message to the largest audience I’ve ever had yet: be yourself, love yourself, embrace yourself, and never fear that others won’t understand because you came here to be brilliant, unique, and independent, not to conform.



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