Thursday, June 11, 2015

6-11-2015 Entry: This One Goes Out to Shylo

This post is a break from our regularly scheduled programming and it is dedicated to you, Shylo. I just read your latest email and I want you to know this:


You give me hope, when the skies turn dark. You give me strength when my heart threatens to fail me. You give me courage, because you’ve shown so much. I struggle with my life and my drama. I fall down and land in the dirt again and again, but those who are like you, who’ve touched my life in ways you could never guess, help me back to my feet. You remind me that I’m not just doing this for myself. I’m not struggling over these obstacles for my life alone. I’m doing it for you too. I’m doing it for all the silent cries that go unheard and unspoken. I’m doing it for all of us who’ve been too afraid to step out into the light for fear that we will be burned. You remind me that my journey is just beginning because I have so much left to do, so much left to accomplish, so many barriers left to tear down. You remind me that even as I step into the full light of day, that I’m carving a pathway for others to follow and for them to use as an example on how to create their own. You remind me that even when I feel so completely alone and isolated, that I am not because there are others, like you, fighting along with me. You thank me for all the help I’ve given you, but really I should be the one thanking you for all you’ve given me. You’ve inspired hope in me, whether you knew it or not, that my actions are not in vain; that my labor is not without meaning or substance. I am the one indebted to you, so thank you for sharing your life and story with me. Thank you for your willingness to put your trust in my hands so I can be reminded how precious that trust is. You are amazing and wonderful, and I know you have a bright and happy future ahead of you. We all do.



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