Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4-1-2015 Entry: Sorry for Being AWOL

Hello my dear readers. I wanted to pop in for a brief moment to say that my life has been far too hectic as of late for me to really write. I’m even, sadly, having to take a bit of a hiatus for a while from responding to emails sent to me by the gender therapist I volunteer for. But, despite being “I want to blow my brains out”  busy, important things are still happening in my life that need to be blogged about. I won’t be able to go into anything in detail with this post as I must get back to taking care of the seemingly insurmountable amount of work I have to do, but I wanted to create a bit of a topic list for when I finally do have a minute to breathe and write.

There have been updates on the bathroom policy situation at work, and the news is quite good.

There have been updates with regards to my HRT, and the news is, again, pretty good.

There have been updates with regards to moving/buying our house, which aren’t so great.

And a whole set of other things that I can’t think of right now.

So, all in all, just know that I have not abandoned you, my dear friends. For those who email me at for advice/venting/general friendship, please also know that I’m still going to respond to your emails; you have not been forgotten and never could be. Your emails to me truly are one of the best parts of my life, so don't ever think you don't matter because I'm busy with life. Okay, I have to get back to chopping wood and carrying water, so to speak.


With much love,


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