Thursday, December 4, 2014

12-4-2014 Entry: MSHSL Approves High School Transgender Athlete Policy

 So for those who may have read my previous post about being a gender outlaw, you’ll likely recognize the subject of Minnesota high school sports debating whether or not to allow transgender teens to play on their identified gender’s sports team. I am very happy to announce that the guideline was approved and transgender teens will now have the ability to play with their appropriate sports teams!!!

Obviously I am no longer in high school and I don’t have any children so this doesn’t affect my life directly, but I am just through the roof with excitement about this. It’s just one more indication that the trans-revolution is moving right along and before everything is said and done, transgender people (like myself) will finally be treated with the same dignity and respect that “normal” people are (at least, in the eyes of the law).

This story has even picked up some attention on the national news networks such as MSNBC ( as well as the local stations here in Minneapolis and I think that it deserves as much attention as it can garner. I believe it is super important for as many people as possible to see that being transgender is something that’s being recognized more and more as a legitimate thing.

I wish I could say that all of the reactions to this have been positive, but with any great social change there are always the detractors and the fear-mongers. In this case the fear-mongers published a full page ad in the local paper over the weekend that read “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU okay with that?” in an effort to try to persuade people into protesting the vote, and they were successful in attracting large crowds of religious people holding signs about God and the dangers of going against his “word.”

Thankfully their efforts were in vain, and the initiative passed anyways! One of my friends and possibly the first transgender person I ever knew personally went to the event to stand as a visual reminder to the committee and community that transgender people are humans too (sadly I was already at work and couldn’t leave to attend the vote). Most exciting about this was that he was even shown on the local news station cameras (ROCK ON LEE!!!) for everyone to see. (can read more here

So, today, I am not only proud to be a Minnesotan, but I’m proud to be a transwoman too. I know that if enough of us stand up and fight for our rights to be treated with equality, our world will eventually be forced to acknowledge that we ARE real, that we DO exist and that we REFUSE to be marginalized.

The Gender Outlaws will prevail!!


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